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Carter King - I Hear the Ancients Sing -
sculpture mixed media  22x44

Cui Fei - Tracing the Origin / Manuscript of Nature V
installation 96x108

The Fool - 60x40 mixed media John Jerard

Soul Sisters - 60x40 Oil on canvas - Sylvia Maier

 Meridith McNeal - Motherís Wedding Gloves II Motherís Wedding Purse II -
vintage sheet music, thread

 Meridith McNeal - The Most Popular Home Songs
Flashe and ink on vintage sheet music book (124 pages).

Forces of Nature 84x84 Janet Morgan

Emily Weiner - Music Staff ( Birds on a Wire)

Willie Torbert

Tina Turner B&W Photograph Tony DeNonno


Oil on Canvas 78x60 Brian Young

Short Documentaries - Tony DeNonno